Wellness Checkups & Exams

Pet Wellness Checkups & Pet Exams from Westside Animal Hospital

Routine pet wellness and pet exams are a critical component of your furry friend's overall health and well-being. At Westside Animal Hospital in Cincinnati, OH, we provide comprehensive care for pets, including wellness checkups. Learn more about exams below. 

Wellness Checkups & Exams

The Important of Routine Pet Exams

Like humans, pets should have regular checkups to ensure their bodies function correctly. Routine exams with a veterinarian from our hospital are great for preventing potential medical issues and early detection and treatment of any condition or illness.

Wellness checkups also provide you with the opportunity to discuss any concerns about your pet with a veterinarian from our hospital. In addition, we can let you know if your pet is healthy and give any other recommendations for them to live a long and healthy life. 

Prevention of potential disease is better than treating it. Owners may skip routine checkups, and it may be too late to address a concern. Treatment can be expensive and more stressful for your pet if you are not consistent with checkups. 

What to Expect at a Pet Wellness Exam

At an exam, we will review your pet's medical history, and ask you for any concerning behaviors. We'll also ask about your pet's diet, exercise regimen, thirst, and urination habits. 

Once we get a history of your pet, we will conduct one our physical pet exams. We will measure your pet's weight, listen to the heart and lungs, check the condition of your pet's coat, examine the teeth and gums, and check for any signs of infections. Any conditions that need to be addressed will be treated immediately with your approval. 

Your pet will be given routine vaccinations according to the schedule. It's essential to keep your pet's vaccinations up to date to prevent a potentially dangerous illness or disease. 

After the Exam

After we complete a comprehensive exam, we will share data about your pet. Any concerns that need further addition will require additional appointments. However, you can prevent potential problems by following the recommended checkup schedule. We will be able to book future appointments right at our office. 

Contact Westside Animal Hospital in Cincinnati for Pet Wellness Exams

Our team at Westside Animal Hospital takes great pride in providing excellent care for pets. Our team is comprehensive and comforting in examining pets to provide a great experience. Contact our office today in Cincinnati, OH, by calling (513) 574-5000 to book your pet's wellness exam.