Comprehensive Veterinary Care

Pets enrich our lives in so many ways and make wonderful companions. Through comprehensive vet care, you can enjoy your pet’s love and affection for years to come. At Westside Animal Hospital, we have ample experience caring for pets of all sizes, ages, and breeds. If you need a trustworthy veterinarian in Cincinnati to keep your pet in good health, you’ve come to the right place.

Comprehensive Vet Care

Caring for Your Pet’s Long-Term Health

Preventive pet care is designed to promote long-term health by helping to keep your furry friend healthy and happy its whole life through. Through preventive care, your veterinarian can detect health problems early or prevent them entirely to protect your pet’s health.

Detecting problems in their early stages enables your pet to get the immediate treatment that can expedite its recovery. Early treatment keeps minor issues from escalating into major health problems that require long, costly treatments. It also spares your pet from unnecessary pain and suffering.

What to Expect

Our preventive pet care services include but are not limited to annual pet exams, dog and cat vaccinations, puppy vaccines, parasite control, pet dental care, dog nutrition, full diagnostics, dermatology services, and more.

We offer core and non-core vaccines to protect your pet against deadly diseases like rabies, distemper, parvovirus, and more. We also provide a series of puppy vaccines to safeguard the health of your young pet. Our pet dental services include annual exams, cleanings, and treatment of dental issues like abscessed teeth, bleeding gums, and periodontal disease.

Additional Veterinary Care

In addition to preventive pet care, we offer the following services for your pet:

  • Medical treatment of common ailments like eye and ear infections, respiratory illnesses, skin allergies, UTIs, digestive issues, chronic kidney disease, and more.
  • Pet surgery includes tumor removal, soft tissue surgery, orthopedic surgery, fracture repair, dental extractions, and more. We will discuss all pet surgical procedures with you in advance so you will know what to expect from your pet’s procedure.
  • Emergency care helps restore your pet to good health after a serious accident or life-threatening illness.
  • Senior pet care extends the health and lifespan of your senior pet. Our senior pet care services include senior dog nutrition, comprehensive diagnostics to uncover hidden medical issues, and the management of serious health conditions.
  • End-of-life hospice and pet euthanasia services relieve your pet’s pain and suffering when it comes time for him or her to leave this world behind.

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