Senior Pet Care FAQ

Pets are living longer and longer these days, thanks to advances in modern veterinary medicine, and you can help your older furry family member keep going strong through specialized senior pet care. At Westside Animal Hospital, we have provided residents of Cinncinati, OH, with reliable senior pet care services for many years.

Senior Pet Care FAQ

Why Do Senior Pets Need Specialized Care?

As pets grow older, they are more susceptible to health problems. They may end up with issues in their joints, or heart, or be more prone to catching pet colds. Chronic conditions may develop and require long-term management to keep your senior pet comfortable. Your pets may be good at hiding pain and discomfort, so a veterinarian that's familiar with senior care must take a look at your furry companion. Pet diagnostics to make sure that everything is going well with their health may include blood tests, digital ultrasound, urine tests, physical evaluations, and x-rays. They may need surgery to correct ongoing issues.

How Often Should Your Senior Pet See the Vet?

It's easier to treat and manage serious conditions when you have early detection and a strong relationship with your veterinarian. Typically, once every six months is a great schedule to keep, although you'd want to pop in sooner if your senior pet is showing concerning symptoms. This frequency makes it possible to establish a baseline of their health and easily detect any changes that end up popping up. 

How Can I Support My Senior Pet?

Talk with one of our experienced veterinarians about how you can help your senior pet stay healthy and happy. They may need a different diet that's designed for older pets, or supplements to help with joint pain and other conditions. You can help your senior pet stay active and engaged through a wide variety of activities that will help them stay at a healthy weight and activity level. Give your senior pets lots of love and attention, especially if they end up being more cuddle-prone as they get older. For cats, lower litter boxes and ones that are more centrally located can help your senior kitties continue using the box. For dogs, you may need to have some puppy pads set up in the house or increase the frequency, but lower the duration, of your walks. 

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