Pet Surgery FAQ

Situations arise where pets have a health issue, or they have been involved in an accident where pet surgery is necessary. While this can be an unsettling time for the pet and its owners, understanding what is involved in the procedure and how pets will be taken care of can help make the experience less stressful. Our team at Westside Animal Hospital in Cincinnati has gathered the following pet surgery questions and answers that can explain what to expect.

Pet Surgery

What is Involved in the Pre-Surgical Preparation?

The same way a human patient has pre-surgical care to prepare them for the surgical procedure, so, too, will your pet. This includes the pet being thoroughly checked and screened so the veterinarian is aware of any potential complications.

Are there Any Pain Medications Provided?

Rest assured, your pet will be made as comfortable as possible prior to the surgery by dosing with pain medications. During the procedure and after the surgery is completed, your pet will continue to be given medications for pain.

What Happens During Surgery?

Once your pet arrives, the owner and pet need to remain calm. Once the pet is prepped and sedated, the veterinarian can begin the procedure. This will take as long as needed to ensure all the steps are taken. Throughout the surgical procedure, experienced staff members will be responsible for monitoring your pet and alerting the vet if any issues arise.

What Happens After the Surgery?

Keeping your pet calm and relaxed after surgery is a priority. When the procedure is complete, your pet is taken to the recovery room where it will be made comfortable and continually monitored by staff as the sedation wears off and becomes aware of its surroundings. The staff will interact with your pet verbally to provide reassurance.

What Do I Do After Surgery?

When your pet is ready to be released, the veterinarian will discuss the instructions to follow for the aftercare. This will also include instructions on what and how to provide the medications your pet will need for pain while recovering.

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