Pet Nutrition

Whether you got here by searching "veterinarian near me" or "veterinarian in Cincinnati," we offer veterinary care in Cincinnati. One of the services we offer is pet diet counseling. Let's discuss how dog nutrition or cat nutrition from us at Westside Animal Hospital, serving Cincinnati, OH, and the nearby region, can help your pet live a healthier life. 

Pet Nutrition

Helps Pets with Certain Medical Conditions

If your pet has a condition like diabetes, not only does he or she need the proper nutrition, just like any other pet, but he or she also needs a specialized diet. Fortunately, as a “veterinarian near me” for those in Cincinnati, we can offer your pet the proper food and help you learn how to regular your pet's diet better. The same applies to other conditions. 

Assists with Cat and Dog Weight Management 

Unfortunately, some pets don't get enough exercise and consume too much food. Some may have hypothyroidism. This can cause them to gain weight. 

Fortunately, a veterinarian in Cincinnati on our team can provide you with diet advice on how to regulate your pet's weight. We can help with helping pets lose weight as well as remain at a healthy weight. 

Getting a Specialized Diet for Age 

When it comes to both cat nutrition and dog nutrition, pets may need fewer calories as they age. They might also need different vitamins and minerals in higher amounts, and some in lower. 

We can guide you toward the right food for your pet to ensure he or she receives all the nutrition necessary for good health. 

Food Advice in General 

Besides worrying about cat or dog weight management, you may also worry about the quality of food you're feeding your pet, though you may still want to keep it budget friendly.

Some foods have fillers. On the other hand, your pet may have a food allergy, and you aren't sure which food to feed him or her. Besides helping you keep your pet at a healthy weight with his or her health conditions in check, we can also provide generalized advice on which foods would be best for your pet and budget. 

Keep in mind that if you have general questions, you don't have to schedule a separate visit. Use your routine visit when you come in for vaccinations or for a pet wellness visit as a time to ask them. 

Visit Us for Pet Nutrition from a Veterinary Cincinnati Residents Can Benefit from

At Westside Animal Hospital, as a veterinary Cincinnati, OH, residents can benefit from, we offer nutrition services for pets. We can help your pet reach a healthy weight. Not to mention, we can help regulate diabetes and prevent other health problems. Call us at (513) 574-5000 for pet wellness exams, pet nutrition, and vaccinations.