Pet Scans

Our Animal Hospital Is Excellent for Pet Diagnostics

Your pet will likely visit the doctor regularly to get a standard check-up. It is essential to ensure that your pets are in good health and that your veterinarian can detect any health issues they might have early in their development.

Take your pets to your local veterinarian to receive standard treatment and annual check-ups. We perform yearly check-ups at Westside Animal Hospital in Cincinnati, OH, including animal diagnostics. Our Cincinnati office is the top choice for all these tests.

Pet Scans

What Kind of Animal Diagnostics Do We Do?

We can run several tests to support pet health and pet wellness. One diagnostic test that we perform is an X-ray. X-rays are an essential diagnostic test because they let us examine your pets' inside and ensure they have no internal health issues, such as pet cancer. We also perform ultrasounds, which help support the healthy living you want for your pets.

In many cases, lab work and a physical exam are enough to reach a diagnosis. However, when this is not the case, we use ultrasound and X-ray technology, as mentioned previously. These exams mean that we can discover evidence of severe conditions, such as pet arthritis or even cancer, early on and begin treatment. We can also determine if your pet suffers from any injury. If it is, we can start treating the injury immediately to help promote improved pet wellness. 

Why Are These Diagnostics Important?

These diagnostic tests are essential because treating health issues as soon as possible leads to a greater chance of successful treatment. This timing is the case for both pet health and human health. If we catch an illness early, we can often prevent it from worsening and provide more effective treatment. Naturally, pets can't communicate anything regarding disease or injury to humans, so we must rely on diagnostic tests and physical exams to figure out the situation. Therefore, diagnostic tests can prove vital in supporting healthy living for your pet.

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If you live in Cincinnati, OH, and your pet requires diagnostic tests of some sort, go to Westside Animal Hospital. Our veterinarians are gentle, experienced, and committed to keeping your pet healthy. You can call our Cincinnati office or visit our website to make an appointment. We look forward to helping your pet live a happy and healthy life.