Pet Surgery

Pet surgeries are a fact of life for many pet owners. While your furry friend undergoing an operation can be stressful, your pet may require surgery to prevent health complications and improve its quality of life. Fortunately, your “veterinarian near you” at Westside Animal Hospital in Cincinnati, OH, provides high-quality care to ensure your pet’s health and safety. We are here to tell you about common pet surgeries and what to expect during the surgical process to help ease your anxieties.

Pet Surgery

Common Pet Surgeries

There are many reasons why a pet might require surgery. Some pets require surgery to prevent health issues, while others get elective surgeries to improve their quality of life. Some of the most common procedures include:

•             Spaying and neutering: These procedures are essential for preventing unwanted pregnancies. Spaying and neutering also provide health and behavioral benefits.

•             Orthopedic surgeries: Orthopedic surgeries address issues with the bones, joints, and ligaments. These may include repairing fractures, treating cruciate ligament tears, and alleviating hip dysplasia.

•             Soft tissue surgeries: These procedures address issues with internal organs and other soft tissues, such as removing foreign objects from the digestive tract, performing biopsies, or treating bladder stones.

•             Dental surgeries: Dental cleanings and extractions are crucial for maintaining your pet's oral health.

•             Tumor removals: Early detection and surgical removal of tumors can significantly improve a pet's prognosis for certain cancers.

Pre-Surgical Procedures

Before your pet’s surgery, our veterinarians will perform a thorough physical exam to assess its overall health and suitability for anesthesia. We may also recommend bloodwork and other diagnostic tests to ensure your pet is a good candidate for surgery. These also help us catch underlying conditions that require prompt treatment.

The Surgical Process

We use anesthesia for most pet surgeries. Doing this ensures your pet will not feel pain during the procedure and allows our staff to operate safely. Our veterinarians use advanced surgical techniques and sterile environments to minimize your pet’s risk of complications. We also monitor your pet’s vital signs during the operation to ensure your pet’s health and safety. The timeline for your pet’s surgery will vary based on the type of procedure. Simple surgeries like spaying or neutering are relatively quick, while more complex procedures take longer.

Post-Surgical Care

Following your pet’s surgery, our veterinarians will provide detailed instructions for caring for your pet at home. These may include information on pain medication, wound care, dietary restrictions, and activity limitations. Please follow these instructions carefully to ensure a smooth recovery for your pet.

Keep Your Pet Happy and Healthy With Veterinary Care at Westside Animal Hospital

If your pet requires surgery and you need the help of a trusted “veterinarian near you,” consider contacting Westside Animal Hospital in Cincinnati, OH. Our veterinarians are dedicated to providing your pet with the highest quality surgical care, so call us and schedule an appointment today at (513) 574-5000 to protect your pet’s health and happiness.