Meet the Team

  • Genny
    Practice Manager

    Genny grew up with animals in the home, and she’s had pets by her side her whole life. For her, helping them to live the happiest, healthiest lives possible is a dream come true! She’s been serving the pets and animal parents of the area as a part of the Westside Animal Hospital family for more than 23 years.

    Genny was only in high school when she signed on as a receptionist here at the hospital in 1997. She’s been a part of the clinic family ever since! One of her favorite parts of the job is the fact that no two days are ever quite the same—Genny is always kept on her toes. She also loves to see pets through every stage of life and get to know their owners over the years. Of course, doting on adorable puppies almost every day is a great bonus!

    Away from the office, Genny likes playing sand volleyball in the summers, going on family vacations to Hilton Head Island, and spending quality time with her family and pets. She lives with her husband and their two wonderful daughters, as well as four pets. The family has two dogs—Sky the Golden Retriever and a Bernese Mountain Dog who goes by Bella—as well as two cats named Blake and Buster Brown. 

  • Erinn
    Veterinary Technician

    Erinn grew up in Cincinnati as the youngest of five children, where Dr. Jack Shepherd was her family’s veterinarian. She admired the profession ever since she was a little girl, and always knew that working with animals herself would make for a satisfying career. Erinn’s passion just never wavered. Now, she's a Veterinary Technician at the very same clinic she’s taken her own animal companions to her whole life! 

    Erinn attended Raymond Walters College for her schooling, and interned right here at Westside Animal Hospital. She enjoyed her time here immensely, and was more than happy to accept a job offer after her internship hours were over. She's been a member of the clinic family since 2006! Erinn especially likes assisting with surgeries and learning new things from the clinic’s doctors, especially as new technologies, techniques, or medications become available. 

    In her spare time, Erinn likes going fishing and hiking with her family. She and her husband, Heath, have three children: Landon, Liam, and young Aria. The family shares their lives with a trio of loveable dogs. Phoebe is a Pit Bull/Boston terrier mix who insists on Erinn kissing her goodnight; Harper is an energetic Mountain Cur mix who learns new tricks extremely fast; and Fergie the Dwarf Frog loves to swim and eat.

  • Megan
    Receptionist / Veterinary Assistant

    Megan grew up in Cincinnati in a family full of animal-lovers. She’s always adored spending time around the earth’s creatures. What better way to make a difference and enjoy her career every day, she thought, than by working in veterinary medicine? Megan is a proud member of the hospital’s reception team. 

    Megan previously worked in a call center and was happy to put her customer service skills to good use here at Westside Animal Hospital. She joined the clinic family in May of 2013 and has been here ever since! Megan particularly likes watching pets grow and mature over the years, and she loves that no two days here at the hospital are ever quite the same. Most of all, she enjoys helping pet owners provide their animal companions with the happiest, healthiest lives possible. 

    When she’s not at work, Megan is an avid crafter and even does craft shows for the holidays. She and her husband have a young daughter and share their lives with one pet: Buddy, the sweetest dog Megan has ever known. Buddy even lets Megan’s daughter perform “check-ups” on him with her doctor’s kit!

  • Brianna
    Receptionist / Veterinary Assistant

    Brianna grew up right here in Cincinnati, where her family kept all kinds of animals in the house. They had everything from dogs, cats, and pocket pets to turtles, fish, frogs, snakes, and lizards! For Brianna, animal care has been a part of life ever since she can remember. Working hands-on to help pets in the veterinary field simply made sense.

    Brianna attended Diamond Oaks Career Campus during her junior and senior years of high school, where she studied veterinary assisting. The program helped her find her first Veterinary Assistant position, and she hasn’t looked back since. Brianna joined the Westside Animal Hospital family in October of 2018 as a member of our front-desk team. 

    Around the clinic, Brianna likes working alongside a team of fellow animal-lovers to give each and every visitor the best experience possible. She also loves helping out in the exam rooms and laboratory, and she’s particularly fond of taking X-ray scans!

    Most of Brianna’s time away from the office is spent with her family. She has a young son, Cooper, and together they like going to the park, listening to music, and gardening. The family shares their lives with a Chihuahua/Fox Terrier mix, Taco, whose favorite pastime is taking long naps under the comforter.

  • Kareess
    Receptionist / Veterinary Assistant

    Kareess, like most veterinary professionals, has always adored the company of animals. But she also knew that she wanted a career in which she could make a lasting difference, one that would contribute to the world in a positive and loving way. What better way to do that than by helping pets and animal parents as a part of a veterinary team? Kareess is a proud member of the Westside Animal Hospital family!

    Kareess grew up in the small town of Washington Court House in Ohio. She attended college at Columbus State Community College, then worked in the food service industry for a number of years. After Kareess started volunteering in animal shelters, she knew that she’d found what she was truly passionate about. While living in Lexington, Kentucky, she signed on as a Kennel Assistant at a local shelter, and started dog sitting and walking on the side. It wasn’t long before Kareess decided to make animal care her full-time gig! She returned to school to become a Veterinary Assistant, and is currently pursuing a degree to become a Veterinary Technician. 

    Kareess joined the Westside Animal Hospital family in August of 2020. She loves to learn more every day about animal behavior, a special passion of hers, and she enjoys assisting patients hands-on in the exam rooms.

    Kareess lives in Cincinnati with her boyfriend and their two canine companions. Mickey is a Yorkie/Jack Russell mix who has lived in five different states with Kareess, and his favorite things to do are cuddle, go on car rides, and play fetch. Winston is an Australian Shepherd puppy who never seems to run out of energy.

  • Kelsey
    Veterinary Assistant / Kennel Assistant

    Kelsey has always been a nurturing soul, and she’s adored animals ever since her earliest days. For her, working in veterinary medicine is the best of both worlds! She gets to make a difference in the lives of others while spending time around the pets she loves so much—Kelsey is a proud member of Westside Animal Hospital’s talented careteam!

    A Bridgetown native, Kelsey is currently attending school to earn her Veterinary Technician credentials. When the time came to gain experience in the field in a hands-on way, she started looking for jobs in vet clinics. A position here at Westside Animal Hospital was the perfect fit! Kelsey joined the team in 2018 and has been helping the area’s pets and animal parents ever since. 

    Around the hospital, Kelsey likes that no two days are ever quite the same. She gets to see a wide variety of pet personalities, which never gets old. And she loves to learn new things on an almost daily basis. 

    When she has time between work and school, Kelsey enjoys kayaking, bicycling, and visiting parks, and she’s always trying to find time to read a good book. She and her boyfriend share their lives with several pets: two silly dogs named Daxter and Penny; a cat named Hobo who loves cuddling on Kelsey’s lap and demanding belly rubs and food; a crested gecko; and two leopard geckos.

  • Izzy
    Kitty in Chief

    Izzy was found abandoned at a banquet hall by Westside Animal Hospital’s very own Genny. She took Izzy in and quickly realized she would be a great addition to the hospital team. She’s been a member of the family ever since!

    Named after Izzy Stephens from Grey’s Anatomy, Izzy enjoys spending most of her days sleeping. Occasionally, she can be seen behind the reception desk helping to greet pet owners and their animal companions. Izzy even has a few of the staff members trained to give her treats on command—she makes it her business to be treated like the princess she is.