Senior Pet Wellness

It doesn't take long to fall in love with a cuddly kitten or playful puppy, but that love certainly changes and grows the longer our pets are with us. They become indelible parts of our lives, and so it's natural to want to ensure that they are getting the best pet care possible. What that pet care looks like will change over time, especially as they enter their senior years and require more specialized senior pet care.

Our team at Westside Animal Hospital in Cincinnati knows what it's like to love senior pets, and we understand the unique requirements these special animals need to thrive. Part of meeting these requirements means more frequent pet wellness exams for older animals. Let's take a quick look at some of the big reasons why regular senior pet wellness visits matter: 

Senior Pet Wellness

The Importance of Senior Pet Wellness

1. Early detection of age-related conditions: Just as with us humans, the older pets get, the more susceptible they get to certain health conditions. The risks of developing cancer, arthritis, neurological issues, and other health problems all increase with age. Regular senior pet care exams are the best way to intervene as early detection improves overall prognosis.

2. Consistent nutrition and weight management advice: Senior pets can undergo big metabolism and energy shifts in a short amount of time. With more regular visits at our accommodating animal hospital, our veterinarian team can best provide ongoing guidance on nutrition recommendations and weight management strategies for optimum health. This is likewise important for managing certain conditions like arthritis.

3. Managing pain and comfort: Dogs are especially good at hiding their pain, causing many pet owners not to understand something's wrong until a condition worsens exponentially. As pets age, arthritis and similar issues become more likely and can cause significant pain and reduced mobility if left unresolved. Routine senior pet wellness visits can help with early diagnosis and get your pet on a good treatment and lifestyle plan to keep them comfortable and best manage pain where necessary.

4. Maintain cognitive function: As pets age, they may experience cognitive decline. This can happen slowly or it can happen very quickly without regular check-up visits. With senior pet wellness exams, our veterinarian team can keep a keen eye on their health and offer strategies or supplements to support your pet's cognitive health.

Schedule A Senior Pet Wellness Exam

Don't wait for your senior pet to tell you he or she's in pain before you schedule a visit at our convenient Cincinnati location. Westside Animal Hospital offers affordable pet care options, including preventative as well as emergency pet care, for residents throughout Cincinnati, Bridgetown, and the surrounding communities. Contact us today at (513) 574-5000 to learn more about our special senior pet services.