Kitten Vaccinations

One of your primary responsibilities as a new kitten owner is to ensure he receives his first vaccinations. Without these vaccinations, your new pet could be at risk of contracting serious diseases. At Westside Animal Hospital in Cincinnati, we are ready to administer your young pet's vaccinations. Visit our animal hospital and prioritize your kitten's vaccinations as soon as possible. Why are these vaccinations so important? When should you schedule your kitten's first exam and immunizations? Find out the answers to these questions with the help of our veterinarians. 

kitten vaccination

The Protection Provided by Kitten Vaccinations

Newborn kittens do not have a fully developed immune system. During this early stage of their life, they rely on maternal antibodies in their mother's milk for protection against diseases. However, the protection provided by these antibodies gradually decreases over time. That's why it's crucial to get your kitten vaccinated as early as possible. Delaying vaccinations could expose your pet to deadly diseases.

So, which vaccinations does your kitten need? Your pet requires core vaccinations during his visit to the animal hospital. The first of these core vaccinations is the feline leukemia vaccine (FeLV). Feline leukemia can be contracted through interactions with other cats, so protecting against it is essential.

Next, your kitten will also need the FVRCP vaccine. This vaccine protects against viral rhinotracheitis, calicivirus, and panleukopenia. Lastly, it is important to get the rabies vaccine for your kitten. The rabies vaccine not only protects your pet but also safeguards your own well-being. Do not delay getting this vaccine unless you are willing to put both you and your pet at risk.

The Right Time for Your Kitten's First Vaccinations

The first set of kitten vaccinations should be administered when your pet is around six weeks old. However, your pet needs to undergo his first exam before any vaccines are given. If the initial exam reveals that your pet is sick, the vaccinations will have to wait, as they will not be effective at that point.

If the kitten exam shows that your pet is in good condition, the vet can proceed with the FVRCP and FeLV vaccinations. Your next visit to the vet should be scheduled four weeks later, during which the same vaccinations will be administered following another kitten exam.

After four more weeks, your kitten can receive the FVRCP and FeLV shots again. This time, the veterinarian will also administer the rabies vaccine. By the time your pet celebrates his first birthday, he will be ready to receive the FVRCP and rabies boosters. Additional boosters for the rabies vaccine will also be required.

Schedule Your Kitten's Vaccinations Today

At Westside Animal Hospital, we can take care of all your kitten's vaccination needs. Contact us at (513) 574-5000 or visit our Cincinnati location to schedule your pet's vaccinations.