Flea and Tick Prevention

Flea and tick prevention

Keeping Pets Safe from Pests

Flea and tick prevention is an important part of your pet care approach. Fleas and ticks can really endanger your pet's health and safety. At Westside Animal Hospital, serving Cincinnati, OH, and the surrounding areas, we are here to help educate you on these important pet care topics. Let's take a better look at flea and tick prevention. 

Are Fleas and Ticks a Threat?

Fleas and ticks are definitely a threat to your pet's health and safety. Fleas and ticks can carry a multitude of diseases and infections. Fleas and ticks can also carry the eggs of other parasites and lay those eggs on your animal. Even the fatal heartworm parasite can be carried by a flea and eventually make its way into your animal's vital organs. Ticks also carry Lyme disease, which can be fatal. The best way to protect your animal from these types of pests is to always stay on top of their flea and tick prevention program. 

Which Prevention Method Is Best?

Most all prevention methods work well, but your veterinarian may have a specific program that they feel would work better for your animal. Be sure to discuss this with your vet and do your own research as well. This is the best way to determine which method to use. 

The most important thing to remember, though, is that the best method is the one that is used consistently. If you do not use your prevention method consistently, you will not get the desired results. Talk with your vet about how to use your method consistently so that your animal is always protected. 

Other Ways to Protect Your Pet

In addition to using a flea and tick prevention method, you can also do other things to keep them safe from pests. You should make sure that your home and yard are not hospitable to pests. This means taking care of standing water. Keep your yard treated for pests if they are a problem. Removing debris from your property that might attract pests. 

You also need to keep your pet clean. A clean pet is not a hospitable environment for most pests. 

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