Preventative Care

For pet lovers everywhere, it can be easy to dismiss your pet's health and feel as if they are invincible, ready to take on the world without any help from a veterinarian or other medical professional. Unfortunately, you'd be wrong to think so! Your pets, such as cats and dogs, need to have yearly exams done to help them recover from a variety of physical ailments, examine their health, and prevent any types of complications from arising due to medical conditions. 

At Westside Animal Hospital, we want to help your pets get the care they need with the help of our veterinarian in Cincinnati, OH! By getting help from a veterinarian, you can get a better understanding of your pet's overall health, find the best treatment for them and their medical conditions, and be alerted as soon as there are any significant changes in your pet's health. 

Preventative Care

What is Pet Preventative Care?

Just like humans have annual physical exams to get an update on the status of their health, you should have your pet regularly assessed by a veterinarian. Preventative pet wellness exams should be done at least every year, or more than that if your pet has an underlying condition such as diabetes, cancer, or another ailment.

During a preventative pet care exam, your vet might take samples for bloodwork, assess stool samples, and conduct a physical exam to get a better picture of the status of your pet's overall internal organ health. They can also use these pet exams to check on your pet's teeth, skin, and general behavior. 

How Does a Veterinarian Help My Pet?

Using the information gathered from a pet wellness exam, our veterinarian can send your pet home in good health, or they can recommend your pet return for follow-up care. For example, if there is something wrong with the bloodwork of your pet, our veterinarian might recommend follow-up lab tests and treatment.

In addition, your vet might also recommend lifestyle changes for issues such as nutritional deficits, obesity, and even behavioral issues. Your vet will let you know which of these lifestyle changes will most suit your pet, and how they can improve your pet's overall health.

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