Pet Hospice

As a pet owner, it can be heartbreaking to see your pet reach the end of its life. You can ensure that your pet is as comfortable as possible by providing it with animal hospice care. Located in Cincinnati, OH, Westside Animal Hospital treats healthy animals and provides pets with end-of-life care. 

Pet Hospice

What Is Pet End-of-Life Care?

End-of-life care is a form of hospice care for pets. If your pet has a limited life expectancy, or if it's suffering from a health condition that can't be cured, end-of-life care can treat your pet's symptoms and prevent discomfort. Dietary strategies, medications, and time with humans can all make the final stages of your pet's life more pleasant. 

Typically, veterinary care is focused on treating underlying conditions that are affecting your pet's health. With end-of-life care, the focus is on comfort rather than treatment. While a pet's condition can still be treated in hospice care, the vet will not use any treatments that will negatively affect your pet’s quality of life. 

When Is Hospice Care Right for Pets?

Your vet may recommend hospice care if your pet has a very limited life expectancy. It's usually recommended for pets that are in the final stages of a serious disease. Hospice care can also be a form of senior pet care, particularly if the animal only has a few weeks or days to live. 

If your pet has a condition that can no longer be treated, but you're not ready for euthanasia, hospice care can be an excellent alternative.

How Animal Hospice Care Can Help Pets and Pet Owners 

End-of-life care is focused on providing pets with a comfortable, safe, and loving environment. Not only can it prevent your pet from experiencing discomfort, but it can allow you to prepare for your pet's death. Losing your pet can be devastating, and with hospice care, you can get extra time to say goodbye. 

Pet hospice care can be customized to better suit the needs of pets and their owners. During the end of life care, your pet's condition will be monitored closely. If your pet's quality of life starts to decline, and these issues can't be treated, your vet may recommend euthanasia. 

Discuss Pet End of Life Care with a Veterinarian In Cincinnati, OH

While it's not always possible to treat your pet's condition, you can make sure that the last days of your pet's life are as pleasant as possible. At Westside Animal Hospital, we understand how painful it can be to lose a pet. From senior pet care to hospice care for terminally ill pets, we'll provide you and your pet with support during this difficult time.