Healthy teeth help pets get proper nutrition, but good dental health is also important for a pets’ general condition. As with humans, a pet’s teeth can become decayed or loose, and develop gum disease that leads to early tooth loss. Our veterinarians can help ensure your pet’s teeth stay strong and healthy, to last a lifetime. At Westside Animal Hospital in Cincinnati, we offer pet dental care as part of your pet’s overall healthcare.

Dog getting teeth examined

Preventative Dental Care

Pet teeth cleaning is much like the process used to clean human teeth. During the teeth cleaning procedure, the vet will scrape off the hard deposits that develop on the tooth surface. The procedure helps your pet’s teeth remain strong and removes the bacteria that breeds on teeth. Our veterinarians will use only approved pet anesthesia to keep your pet safe during the procedure.

Loose, Broken, and Decayed Teeth

Sometimes, dogs retain their baby teeth and it interferes with normal dental alignment. Dogs can also break their teeth when chewing hard objects. These teeth can become decayed and painful. Loose teeth can become a problem for normal feeding and may need removal to help your pet eat comfortably.

Gum Disease

When people develop gum disease, their teeth become loose and eventually fall out. The same process occurs in pets, when the gums become inflamed and sore, loosening the teeth in their sockets. Gum disease can be painful, cause bad breath, and can affect your pet’s general health.

The bacteria from infected gums can migrate through the animal’s body and cause a variety of problems such as diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease, and liver impairment. Our veterinarians offer treatment for gum disease, to preserve your pet’s teeth for healthy eating and general good health.

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