Dog Grooming

Whether you are researching pet wellness and health or you’re a new pet owner, you might be curious about pet grooming basics. At Westside Animal Hospital, we have got you covered. If you live in Cincinnati, Bridgetown, or the surrounding communities, contact Westside Animal Hospital to schedule your next dog grooming appointment.

Dog Grooming

Do All Dogs Need Grooming?

It depends on the types of dogs. Those whose coat changes by losing and shedding and those whose coat changes through fur growth and so require trimming. Also, the thicker or longer the fur, the more likely it gets tied in small knots that foreign debris gets tangled in. Generally, your pet needs regular grooming at some point in its life, whether it’s occasional baths or simple brushing to full clipping.

The Benefits of Dog Grooming

Regular grooming of your dog is great for two reasons: aesthetic and health. Aesthetic is the most obvious reason. Dog grooming ensures your dog appears better cared for, looks amazing, has less displeasing odors, and so on.

The coat and skin help dogs regulate their body temperature and act as a barrier or prevent trauma to the inner organs. If the fur and coat are matted, they can trap infection and debris underneath the mat, which ultimately destroys the skin’s protective capabilities. Mating can also cause pain if the mat is tightly woven. Moreover, heavily matted pets have trouble regulating their body temperature. Our veterinarians recommend timely and regular grooming to regulate your pup’s temperature for better health.

Some dogs grow a lot of fur around the eyes and on the face. This fur, if not groomed and trimmed, can scratch, irritate and damage the eyes chronically. The fur can also trap debris which ends up harming the eyes. If left untreated and unchecked, these can impair vision or even cause blindness.

Flea and Tick Treatment

We treat dogs for fleas and ticks removal. Notify us if your furry friend has ticks or fleas before bringing him in for his appointment. If a dog has ticks or fleas and this wasn’t disclosed before the appointment, there will be an extra charge due to the risk of contaminating the other pets. If you’re looking for pest treatment, we can recommend flea and tick shampoo to help keep pests away until your dog’s next grooming session.

Contact Westside Animal Hospital for Your Next Pet Grooming Session

Hopefully, we have answered a few questions about pet grooming at Westside Animal Hospital. If it has been a while since your furry friend has had a professional cleaning and you live in or around Cincinnati and Bridgetown, call our team today at (513) 574-5000 or reach us through our website by using our online contact form.