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Spaying or Neutering

Proper Pet Care after Spaying or Neutering

Did you decide to get your cat, dog, or other pet fixed? If so, thanks for helping to control animal populations. Your efforts could aid animal shelters and your pets may enjoy a longer, healthier life. Contact our veterinarian at the Westside Animal Hospital in Cincinnati, OH, for all your spay and neuter needs, including post-surgical care.

Providing Spay and Neuter Pet Surgery

First, if your pet has undergone surgery, make sure you ask our veterinarian for tips and directions regarding pet surgery after care. Needs may vary not only according to the procedure, but also for different species and individual companions. If proper post-op care is not provided following a spaying or neutering, complications could arise and your pet may be put at risk for complications.

As for post-op care, your pet will need plenty of rest. Find a safe, quiet place indoors where your cat, dog, or other animal can peacefully recover. Expect more sleeping and less general activity. It’s also wise to keep your recovering companion away from other pets and rambunctious kids.

During this time, make sure that your pet doesn’t overexert itself. You may want to carry pets up stairs if possible. Make sure a cat’s litter box is easily accessible and requires no jumping to reach. With dogs, you may opt for in-home potty pads so you don’t have to take your companion outside. After spay and neuter procedures, it's best to avoid strenuous activity.

If your vet prescribed pain medications, antibiotics, or anything else, make sure you stick to the prescribed schedule. Failure to do so will endanger your pet and greatly increase the risk of complications. Medicines perform best when used as intended. Our vet may also recommend a recovery collar, which may look silly, but is vital for ensuring good health.

You’ll want to keep a close eye on any incision sites. If you notice swelling, redness, pus, or any other signs of an infection, contact our veterinarian right away. It’s also wise to schedule a follow-up appointment.

Visit the Westside Animal Hospital in Cincinnati, Oh for all your spay and neuter post pet surgery needs!