Pet Grooming Most Commend Questions

Regular grooming sessions help keep your pet looking sharp, and bathing your dog can assist with shedding. If it’s your first time taking your dog to the groomer, you likely have many questions about how to keep their coat healthy and clean. When you visit Westside Animal Hospital, your pet benefits from visiting our Cincinnati veterinarian, who can help you plan for all care needs.

Pet Grooming Most Commend Questions

Do All Dogs Need Grooming?

Most dogs need bathing and clipping at some point in their lives. However, when finding services for veterinary Cincinnati residents, you’ll want to work with a groomer familiar with handling your pet’s specific breed. For instance, dogs with thick, shaggy fur will need more grooming sessions than short-haired breeds with hair that may not collect as much dirt.

Does My Dog Need Vaccinations Beforehand?

Looking for a veterinarian near me helps determine if they have grooming services. Groomers also need to see that your dog has an up-to-date vaccination record. Handling both pet care needs can help avoid multiple trips. You’ll also benefit from having a groomer with access to your dog’s medical records.

What If Our Groomer Finds a Flea or Tick?

We encourage you to let us know if your pet has fleas and ticks before you bring them in for their appointment. This information allows us to treat your dog before it could lead to other people’s pets catching the pests. After your pet’s treatment, we can also recommend a special shampoo and conditioner that you can use at home to keep its fur free of fleas and ticks between grooming sessions.

How Do You Keep Pets Calm?

Many animals love water and lap up every second of attention they get during the pet bathing session. However, others get anxious, which can sometimes lead to challenging behaviors. Our groomers are specially trained to help pets feel safe and comfortable during their grooming sessions.

If your pup shows anxiety, the groomer might give them a break from brushing for a few moments to provide them with happy pets. Bringing your pet for dog grooming at their veterinary clinic also helps build a relationship that minimizes your pet’s anxiety.

Book Your Pet Grooming Appointment at Westside Animal Hospital

At Westside Animal Hospital, our veterinarian in Cincinnati is prepared to answer your questions. So call our clinic today to schedule your pet’s grooming appointment. Contact our office at (513) 574-5000 to schedule an appointment.